Offshore Services

Our country being the third largest English speaking nation and has vast pool of accounting professional and graduates can provide quality business process outsourcing (BPO) to foreign companies. With our offshore BPO services, we help foreign clients (1) focus on their core business competencies for better performance, (2) save on cost to maintain global competitive edge, (3) have effective internal financial reporting and regulatory compliance, and (4) provide access to improved service levels that eventually provide higher shareholders’ value.

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing includes functions such as accounts receivable and payable management, payroll processing and remittance and financial and tax reporting. Services include:

1. Accounts receivable management
• Bank advice clearance
• Client billings
• Client settlement
• Suspense clearance

2. Payable Management
• Cash application and allocation
• Cash and bank payment entries
• Accounts payable reconciliation
• Statutory dues

3. Payroll Processing
• Calculation of employee tax
• Preparation of payroll based on the time sheets
• Payroll reconciliation

4. Accounts Reconciliation
• Bank reconciliation
• Third party settlement
• Assets and Liabilities reconciliation
• Fixed asset accounting
• Branch accounting

5. Financial reporting
• Preparation of books of accounts
• Monthly financial reports
• Financial statement analysis
• Statutory reporting

Data Encoding and Conversion. We assist foreign clients in converting data documents into e-data files. Data documents maybe contracts, policies and procedures, books, office files and other documentary data files.







“Quality financial planning will always increase and protect your financial health.”